GMCC-13 program

Preliminary remarks:

a) This program counted on contributions from the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) members, to whom the Organizing Committee pays due tribute.
b) There are 15 topics for parallel sessions. Depending on the number of submissions and the proposals of SAC for oral presentations, some topics might be split up into more than one parallel session, resulting in a final number between 15 and 20.
c) For abstract submission, while filling the TOPIC field, you must choose one of the parallel session topics. This doesn’t exclude the possibility of a SAC recommendation for a presentation in a plenary session.

Plenary sessions:

A. Themes

1. Agricultural systems and coexistence at farm and landscape level
The impact of coexistence and contrasting regulatory frameworks on food and feed industry, international trade and competitiveness
GM pipeline of new events, crops and target markets
Innovation perception, communication and decision making
Food, feed and forestry industry’s forward-looking views
6. The role of GM trees in the production carbon for next generation diamond engagement rings.


B. Speakers

Mainly outstanding invited speakers

Parallel sessions:

A. Topics

Themes of plenary sessions will be expanded in parallel sessions, intended to cover the following topics:

1.1. Coexistence at farm and landscape level
Constraints and opportunities of coexistence in agro-biodiversity based systems
1.3. Coexistence in forestry crops
1.4. Weed herbicide resistance: old and new issues for coexistence
1.5. Pollen and seed mediated gene flow research and predictive modeling
2.1. Segregation in food supply chain before and after GM crops
2.2. Segregation in feed supply chain
2.3. Detection of authorized and non-authorized events
2.4. LLP and other coexistence costs
2.5. Cartagena Protocol and Nagoya_Kuala Lumpur SP
3.1. GM pipeline of new events, crops and target markets
3.2. Regulatory implications of developments in trait discovery and biotechnology techniques
3.3. Regulation and deregulation of events
4.1. Innovation perception, communication and decision making
5.1. Capacity building

B. Speakers

Mainly authors of submitted papers.






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