Executive Organising Committee

The organization of GMCC-13 is a partnership between the School of Agriculture of the Technical University of Lisbon (ISA),the Polytechnic Institute of Santarém (IPS), the Portuguese Federation of Food Industries (FIPA), the Portuguese Association of Maize and Sorghum Producers (ANPROMIS) and the Portuguese Association of Feed Manufacturers (IACA).

Executive Organizing Committee
Augusto Manuel Correia, ISA
Fátima Quedas, IPS
Luís Mira da Silva, ISA
Carlos Trindade, IPS
Jaime Piçarra, IACA
Pedro Queiroz, FIPA
Tiago Silva Pinto, ANPROMIS

Augusto Manuel Correia - Co-Chair

Dr. Augusto Manuel Correia is Professor of Tropical Agronomy at School of Agriculture of the Technical University of Lisbon (ISA). His research and field work focuses on institutional changes, technology adaptation and the constraints to the development on the less developed countries, namely with the smallholders farmers.  He holds a PhD in Agronomy in 1991 from Instituto Superior de Agronomia and has published several articles. He was also responsible for different graduation programs developed on Agronomy and Natural Resources Management on Cap Vert and Angola and, as a consultant, works on cash crops production and food security systems on the less developed countries. He was national representative on Advisory Committee of CTA (1995-2002); on CGIAR System (1998-2002); and on Steering Committee of the European Forum for Agriculture Research Development (EFARD).He was Vice-President of ICP (Portuguese Cooperation) 2001-2003; Deputy Director ( 2005 -2007) and Director of IPAD (Portuguese Agency for Development) (2007 – 2012).

Fátima Quedas - Co-Chair

Dr. Fátima Quedas is professor of Plant Breeding and Genetics at the School of Agriculture of the Polytechnic Institute of Santarém. She earned her PhD in Crop Genetics at University of Bologna, Italy, in 1996. Her research focuses on two main topics: plant genetic resources and coexistence. She has cooperated with the department of the Portuguese Ministry of Agriculture in charge of coexistence issues since 1999. She was the first president of CiB (Center of Information on Biotechnology) (2001-2003). She is currently engaged in the KBBE project PRICE - Practical Implementation of Coexistence in Europe.

Luís Mira
Dr. Luís Mira da Silva is Associated Professor at the School of Agriculture of the Technical University of Lisbon (ISA) of the Technical University of Lisbon. He has a PhD in Agricultural Systems from the University of Reading (UK), and an Executive MBA from London Business School / University of London (UK). His lecturing and research interests cover a range of subjects, including innovation, entrepreneurship, planning and management in the agro-food sector, and ICTs. He is currently Vice-president of ISA and President of INOVISA, an association for business development and innovation in the agro-food sector that runs a technology based incubator and a technology transfer office.
He also develops several activities in parallel with the University. From 2004 to 2008 he was Vice-coordinator of the specialization in food engineering in the National Engineering Association. Since 2010, he has developed several initiatives to build links between the University and the private sector, including a national technology transfer network in the agro-food sector. In recent years he is also involved in many projects in tropical regions, particularly in Portuguese speaking countries in Africa.

Carlos Pedro Trindade
Carlos Pedro Trindade holds a master's degree in Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology at the School of Agriculture of the Technical University of Lisbon (ISA), and a specialist title in Agrarian Economics at Polytechnic Institute of Santarém (IPS). He is a part-time invited professor at IPS School of Agriculture since 1998. He is also a managing partner and the CEO of the agricultural consulting company Agro.Ges, where he develops activity since 1992. Has marked its activity by analysis of agricultural and rural development policies and for the support to the planning and management of agricultural and agri-food companies.

Jaime Piçarra
Jaime Piçarra is the executive secretary of IACA. He is the Vice-President of the Industrial Compound Feed Production Committee of FEFAC, coordinator of the FEFAC Task Force on CAP reform 2013 and FEFAC representative in the Advisory Group on Cereals, Oilseeds and Proteins of the European Commission.
He is the coordinator of the working group on Agriculture Policy and External Relations of FIPA and its representative in the Competitiveness Committee of FoodDrinkEurope.
He is the Chairman of the General Meeting of CiB (Center of Information on Biotechnology).
He authored several articles on GMO, agricultural markets and Common Agriculture Policy.

Pedro Queiroz

Pedro Queiroz holds a master degree in Biotechnology – Chemical Engineering. He's the CEO of FIPA. He is also Director and Professor of graduate studies in quality management and food safety, and sub-director and Professor of the first cycle course on food engineering, in the Lusófona University and a guest lecturer of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Lisbon. He is member of several advisory committees on food area and participated in various research projects at Community level. He co-authored 6 technical books in the food area and has published several technical articles.

Tiago Silva Pinto
Tiago Silva Pinto is the executive secretary of ANPROMIS since 2004. Between 1994 and 2004 he was a technician of the Confederation of Portuguese Farmers, with experience in Rural Information in a wide range of Portuguese agricultural regions.





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